Our mission is to deliver the best designer merchandise from around the world to Kenyan consumers.

Our process begins in the United States. Our U.S.-based procurement team is positioned in New York City--the global capital for high-end designer merchandise. Our procurement team works around the clock with hundreds of local brands and boutiques to acquire the most fashionable, highly coveted designer items in the world. Each member of our procurement team is trained to ensure the authenticity and premium quality of each item before purchase, so we can guarantee the authenticity of every item we sell and deliver.

Each day, we send shipments of our recently procured and validated merchandise to our African distribution centers. We work only with the fastest and most credible global shipping partners to ensure each item arrives in Africa in perfect condition and as quickly as possible. Most items arrive in Africa within 7-10 days of procurement.

Once our merchandise arrives in Africa, we invite customers to inspect and receive the merchandise at the nearest Tusk showroom. Customers are only asked to pay for merchandise once they have inspected and are satisfied with the quality and authenticity of the merchandise.

Some of our busier customers and customers in more remote areas prefer to have the merchandise delivered to them directly. We are happy to provide this service free of charge. We ask that customers requesting delivery pay for merchandise prior to delivery via M-Pesa.